Our History

Jagersbosch is a non-governmental, non-profit Community Organisation that delivers affordable, authorised community support services in the Stilbaai, Melkhoutfontein and Jongensfontein areas.

We function under the Older Persons Act and our service to our members conforms to its prescribed norms and standards.


In February 1986 a group of Stilbaai residents under leadership of Mr. G. van der Kolf identifies a need among about 50 senior residents for basic services, bed care as well as meals. The intention is to establish a service that will be independent from any church.

In July 1987 a new committee is formed and an annual membership fee of R5 is determined. Moreover, meals at R2.80 per person are provided by the Hawekafee.

The historical Jagersbosch homestead dates from the 1860's.

In the meantime the search for a suitable building continues. The Municipality acquires ± 7 Ha. that includes a part of the historical farm, Jagersbosch, as well as a 140 year old homestead. Negotiations are successful and, as a result the building becomes available to the Service Centre.

After extensive restoration the Homestead is finally put into service on 15 August 1989. On 27 October 1990 Dr. J. Pieterse from the Department of Health and Social Affairs at last officially opens the Jagersbosch Community Care Centre.

“We need to recapture Ubuntu, that gift Africans have for the world which says that a person can be a person only through other persons”

Bishop Desmond Tutu


We endeavour to provide affordable and authorised supportive care services within the prescribed legislation to the communities of Jongensfontein, Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai and the environs to ensure a better quality of life.

Legally we are obliged to deal effectively with the plight of older persons by establishing a framework directed at:

  • The empowerment and protection of older person, as well as
  • The promotion and maintenance of their status, rights, well-being, safety and security, and
  • To provide for matters connected therewith.

 (The Older Persons Act, nr. 13, 2006)


The Jagersbosch Organisation consists of a non-executive Board that supports the General Manager in performing his/her duties.

In addition the Organisation is divided in 5 Departments, each with its own Head of Department. These are: Food Service, Health Care, Community Service, CHBC-Government Project, and lastly, Soeterus/Stillerus facility.

All five of the above-mentioned departments’ administrative functions are run from the office in the Homestead.

We mainly

  • Supply meals on order.
  • Hire out medical support equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches, moon-boots etc.
  • Offer basic healthcare such as measuring blood pressure and blood sugar; performing prescribed injections and wound care.
  • Assist with personal health care such as bedsores, podiatry, bed washes and general home-based care.
  • Provide social community care.
  • Provide housing, health and social community care service for members at the Melkhoutfontein facility who qualified for assisted and independent living allowances.
  • Deliver an effective service in collaboration with government departments responsible for health, welfare and social development.
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