Service because we care

“Little people are indifferent. Superior people are caring”

Maxime Lagacé

Care Service

Jagersbosch welcomes any Volunteers, male, female, old and young, willing to assist with our Care Service. No qualifications needed, only a genuine and compassionate desire to become involved. To show your compassion in a practical way, taking care of someone’s physical, mental or emotional needs to your best ability. Sometimes all a person needs, is another human being to care enough to simply be present. We truly depend upon people willing to sacrifice their time and energy to help us care for the vulnerable individuals in our community.


Among the retired, but not yet physically incapacitated people in any community, there are those with skills, experience or qualifications which we direly need. There are also those without academic qualifications, but with lots of other skills and experience. We need people from all walks of life to volunteer their time and energy according to their own interests, skills, knowledge and experience. All you really need, is a deep caring and desire to be of use to others while you are still able to help. Only too soon you might be in the position where you need a caring someone to help you.


Jagersbosch has home-bound members, too frail to care for themselves, in need of someone to help them. Help them with those physical personal things a healthy person takes for granted. Simple things like getting dressed, combing your hair, eating your food, making a cup of tea or putting on your shoes. Things one does everyday without realising how difficult and frustrating it can be for those who cannot help themselves any more.

Some of our elderly people are lonely and long for someone to just spend some time with them while reading for them from a book they like. Or simply listening while they tell their story or chat about their children and grandchildren. Many of the people in our community were left behind when their children moved abroad while the parents were still mobile. But slowly they became too old to move around much and became lonely and depression kicked in.

We have members who have been injured or had an operation and need a bit of TLC while recovering. Someone to help them to cut their toenails or file and paint the fingernails. Or a hairdresser could volunteer to spoil a person with washing and cutting his or her hair once in a while. Physical, mental and emotional care is something we all need to live a meaningful life. We need your help to ensure that all our members do live a meaningful life.

Spending time helping others is also enriching yourself. Not all of those in need of our care service are elderly or sickly people, though. We are also developing a social support and development service where we want to support people who are bereaved or have gone through some kind of trauma. Caring for a spouse or other family member with dementia or depression can be extremely exhausting. You could offer such a spouse a little breathing space away from the patient by staying with him or her for an hour or two.


Service because
we care

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