Service because we care

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart”

Elizabeth Andrew

Jagersbosch Facilities

Jagersbosch has at its disposal various facilities, some of which belong to us, while others we rent from the Hessequa Municipality. Obviously these facilities are divided between Stilbaai and Melkhoutfontein.

Facilities in Stilbaai
  • First of all there is The Farmstead where all administrative activities happen.
  • Then there is Die Waenhuis that consists of a hall as well as a kitchen.
  • Next is the Urheim house accommodating our Charity-shop.
  • Lastly there is the Friedensheim house that accommodates our Health Division.
The Waenhuis

Die Waenhuis plays a very important role in the service delivery as well as fundraising activities of Jagersbosch.

Facilities in Melkhoutfontein

The Soeterus/Stillerus facility in Melkhoutfontein comprises:

  • Firstly the Stillerus Care unit.
  • Also the Soeterus residences.
  • Furthermore the workshop for the Disability Project.
  • Lastly the Soeterus Hall

Melkhoutfontein also adds to the success of the Jagersbosch service delivery as well as fundraising activities.

Service because
we care

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