Service because we care

“Caring is doing what has to be done and not expecting anything in return”


Food Delivery

Jagersbosch welcomes any Volunteers willing to assist with our Food Delivery Service.  We depend heavily upon people nobly sacrificing their time and energy to help us care for the vulnerable people in our community.

Food is prepared at Die Waenhuis from where it is dispatched to Stillerus in Melkhoutfontein. From there the food is further distributed to Soeterus, the Kwikstertjies as well as the homes of frail or sick members in Melkhoutfontein.

Members in Stilbaai can either take their meals at Die Waenhuis or have their meals picked up. Those who are frail, sick or unable to have their food collected, can have their food delivered at their homes. There is a lower tariff for the delivery of food to sick and frail people.

Food delivery is one of the services that offers caring people from the community the opportunity become involved in a voluntary capacity. Jagersbosch leans heavily on volunteers to assist with various services where willingness to help is the only qualification one needs. And a valid driver's license, of course!
If you are interested in helping to deliver meals, call the Jagersbosch office, or visit them at their office in the Old Homestead. They will explain to you exactly what volunteering for food delivery entails.

A gentle request though, before you volunteer for food delivery, please make sure that you can offer a reliable service. Sick and frail people are depending on the food they receive from Jagersbosch, which means the service can not be compromised.

Service because
we care

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