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“For I was hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in…”

Jesus Christ, Matthew 25:35 

A Balanced Meal Every Day!

The Jagersbosch kitchen has been renovated in 2018.

The Food Service Staff consists of a Food Service Manager, a Provision Clerk, two Food Handlers, a Senior Food Handler as well as a Cleaner.

Jagersbosch supplies Sunday meals, Weekday meals as well as frozen meals.

Waenhuis se Kombuis

Sunday Meals

Jagersbosch offers Sunday meals for members as well as guests. They prepare these meals according to a five week menu as approved by a dietician.

Book a Sunday meal before13H00 on a Friday at Die Waenhuis. Buy your ticket at the Jagersbosch Office.

You can either collect your meal from 11H30, have it delivered (at a fee), or you can enjoy a sit-down meal at noon in the Jagersbosch Hall. Wineglasses are available on the tables, so feel free to bring your own drinks.

For enquiries or orders, contact 028 754 3489.

Jagersbosch Sunday Meals

Weekday Meals

Jagersbosch also offers weekday meals for members and guests. They prepare the meals according to a five week menu as approved by a dietician, of course.

Tuesdays to Fridays: Place your orders the previous day, please.

Mondays: Book by Friday at 13h00, please.

Buy your meal tickets at the Jagersbosch Office.

You can collect your orders at Die Waenhuis from 11h30, or else have them delivered at a fee.

For enquiries or orders, call 028 754 3489.

Jagersbosch Weekday Meals

Frozen Meals

Furthermore Jagersbosch offers a variety of frozen dishes.

These dishes vary from delicious pies (such as chicken, mince, steak-and-kidney, imitated game as well as steak pies) to lasagna, bobotie, etc.

These dishes can, as a matter of fact, be supplied in any size/quantity.

For more information about this, contact Jagersbosch Food Service at 028 754 3489.


Jagersbosch provides a service where you can order a balanced and tasty meal daily – at “Die Waenhuis” in Stilbaai. All food, including food for Soeterus in Melkhoutfontein is prepared in and delivered from Die Waenhuis kitchen. Melkhoutfontein does not have its own food-preparation service.

The Food Service Department is managed by the Food Service Manager assisted by a chef, assistants and cleaners.

Jagersbosch Community Care’s kitchen prepares wholesome, balanced meals everyday, (except Saturdays) which we serve in Die Waenhuis. Food can either be collected, delivered, or one can sit down and enjoy the meal with other members and friends. Sit-down meals are limited to 50 persons.

A quick peep at the menu showing the typical food served makes the saliva flow and a sudden hunger grip your stomach. Vegetables such as butternut pie, creamed spinach, broccoli with cheese sauce, baked mixed vegetable with white sauce, green beans with bacon, etc. Various salads and dessert at least three times a week sporting mouthwatering sweets such as chocolate pudding and Greek tart, always with custard. A different kind of meat everyday and two kinds on a Sunday such as chicken, beef, pork, fish, dished up in every which way you can imagine.

Food can be collected between 12:00 – 13:00, while sit down meals are served at 12:00.

Meals for Tuesday to Friday, need to be ordered/cancelled before 16:00 on the previous day. Meals for Sunday and Monday have to be ordered/cancelled before 13:00 on the Friday. There are no lunches on Saturdays.

Please note: No orders/cancellations will be taken on the same day as the meal.

Meal tariffs vary between member categories as well as between weekdays and Sundays. There are also two tariffs per delivery point, one for normal members and another for ill and frail members. Scroll down a wee bit for more details on member categories.

Moreover, the Food Service Department is also responsible for fund-raising and organises and arranges all aspects of functions. This includes the monthly “Buitekombuis”, and the regular selling of vetkoek, pancakes, cakes and soup. Hiring out Die Waenhuis hall and related equipment is also the responsibility of this department.

Meal tariffs (from 1 July 2019)

  • Category A- members: Weekdays – R20 Sundays – R20
  • Category A members: Weekdays – R27 Sundays – R30
  • Category B members: Weekdays – R35 Sundays – R40
  • Category C members: Weekdays – R40 Sundays – R45
  • Guests (non-members): Weekdays – R53 Sundays – R55

Membership categories depend on the monthly income of a member and are divided into four categories:

  • Category A- with a monthly income under R3 000 pays R100 per year
  • Category A with a monthly income between R3 001 – R5 000 pays R175 per year
  • Category B with a monthly income between R5 001 – R8 000 pays R295 per year
  • Category C with a monthly income between R8 001+ pays R450 per year

Please take note!

Delivery tariffs (from 1 July 2019)

  • R15 per delivery point
  • R8 per delivery point for ill and frail members

Go ahead and place your order here !

Prices valid for weekdays


Monday to Friday and Sunday

Please book before 09:00 every day and before 12:00 on a Friday for Sunday


Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Please book before 09:00 every day

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