Service because we care

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Dr Seuss (American Author)

Fundraising Activities

Jagersbosch is doing wonderful fundraising through:

  • Theme evenings
  • Braai-evenings
  • Friday sales:
    • Curry & Rice
    • Platters
    • Fat Cake (Vetkoek)
    • Pancake (Pannekoek)
    • Sweet: Cakes & Tarts
    • Savoury: Various Quiches, etc.
  • The very popular annual Jagersbosch Bazaar.

Fundraising Activities

Jagersbosch simply has to survive all the threats to its existence because of the extremely important work it is doing in this community of so many elderly and disadvantaged persons. It is a non-profit organisation, and highly dependent on support from all in the community. Government subsidies are dwindling, inflation is rising and the economic situation in the country is on a fast southern slide.

The management of Jagersbosch has a funding structure in place consisting of various instruments of income such as Membership, Donations, the Charity Shop and activities of Die Waenhuis. Another way of raising revenue is through these specific fundraising activities:

Jagersbosch Bazaar

Once a year Jagersbosch Community Care Centre offers a lovely bazaar. The success of the Jagersbosch bazaar as fundraising event of course depends entirely on the support received from the community.

To offer the bazaar we primarily need products to sell such as cakes, biscuits, rusks, hand-crafted items, fresh vegetables, canned products, plants, etc.

Secondly we need food items to sell such as hot-dogs, jaffles, curry and rice, pancakes (pannekoek), hamburgers, puddings, coffee, tea, cooldrinks, etc.

Thirdly we need volunteers, men as well as women, young and old, to prepare the venue, man the tables and handle the sales as well as clean up the venue afterwards.

Finally, yet of particular importance, we need all and everyone to attend, have fun, eat and drink and buy the products we offer.

"Die Groot Visete"

Translated from Afrikaans, the name says ‘The Mega Fish Meal’. This annual event was originally initiated by the Stilbaai Business Chamber and happens in November in the Stilbaai Community Hall.

They still present this popular function with the help of Jagersbosch staff members. A Mega Fish Meal consists of a truly generous three course meal and all the profit generated by this event goes straight into the Jagersbosch money coffers.

Their idea behind the Fish Meal is to enjoy fresh food from the sea that we have the privilege to see and hear everyday. The taste of the sea still lingers in the freshly caught fish sourced from the many fishermen in the area making a living from the sea.

The meal starts off with an hors d’oeuvre of some kind of seafood such as prawns in a delicately delicious sauce on a bed of fresh green lettuce. Then follows the main course of fresh fish which is expertly prepared and accompanied by salads and freshly baked bread, butter and different jams. Afterwards there is something sweet such as koeksisters to round off the meal. Coffee, tea as well as juice are of course available for the thirst.

This event can potentially generate a substantial amount of money for Jagersbosch, but only if we have the generous support of our community. We humbly, but fervently ask that everyone that possibly can buy a ticket and join us for a lovely meal and lots of fun.

Keep you eyes open and your ears on the ground around November so that you do not miss our adverts and, as a sad result miss Die Groot Visete!

Renting Out Medical Equipment

Friedensheim (Jagersbosch) hires out various medical equipment at very reasonable cost. This includes equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches, commodes, moon-boots, etc. Equipment can be rented per day, per week or per month. This is a two-way service – firstly it serves the community and secondly the funds generated in this way are channelled directly into the fund-raising account.

Tariffs for Hiring Equipment

Larger equipment e.g. wheelchairs: R18 p/day R100 p/week R350 p/month

Smaller equipment, e.g. commodes: R13 p/day R55 p/week R170 p/month

Stilbaai Touchies - Food Stall

Stilbaai Touch Rugby, better known as Stilbaai Touchies is an annual event that takes place on the 26th of December every year. After the more quiet family day of Christmas, all hell breaks loose on the wide sand-strip on the eastern banks of the Goukou River mouth.

Apart from the normal holiday crowd visiting Stilbaai, all the participating teams, their families and friends are there too. Many more interested people come in for the day to watch this extremely popular event.


The first very informal Touchies happened in 1978 and has since grown into the greatest beach touch rugby tournament ever and the most prestigious in South Africa. Since its informal beginnings, more and more people heard about the event and teams from all over started coming to participate.

Four decades later social groups of players and regular players from as far as Clifton Beach, Stellenbosch University and Pretoria University come to play. This event has become very competitive with about 8 professional teams and up to 50 other teams competing every year.

Touchies is a very active sport, therefore it works up a great hunger. Watching someone else play is very hard work and works up an even greater appetite. Which means there is a huge crowd of really famished people at the Stilbaai Touchies.

There are various stalls selling all kinds of eats, drinks and other stuff. Jagersbosch secured the right to annually have a food stall selling hot-dogs providing nourishment to this multitude of starving touch rugby and fun lovers.

What a lovely opportunity to raise extra funds. We call the young people in our community – this is your chance to make your contribution towards the care of the vulnerable older people in our community.

Stilbaai Mens Choir

Under construction

ek kort nog inligting hier

Die Waenhuis

Die Waenhuis plays an important role in raising funds for Jagersbosch:


  • Renting out the Soeterus Hall and Die Waenhuis, crockery, tables and chairs, audio-visual equipment, etc.
  • Preparation of platters
  • Full catering service for functions, meetings, celebrations, weddings, etc.
  • Baked products such as cakes, tarts, biscuits, rusks, etc.
  • Frozen meals
  • Cake sales on certain Fridays
  • Vetkoek days, Chicken or Bacon or Sosatie roll days, Jaffle days, Hot-dog days, etc.
  • Theme evenings such as a Hawaiian evening, German evening, Italian evening, Hamburger evening, Curry evening, Steak evening, Snoek and Sweet potato evening, Greek evening, etc.
  • Lunches (Mondays – Fridays and Sundays)

Friday Sales

Die Waenhuis plays an important role in raising funds for Jagersbosch:

Friday sales:
• Curry & Rice
• Platters
• Fat Cake “Vetkoek”
• Pancake
• Sweet: Cake & tarts
• Savoury: Quiche, savoury tart etc.

Service because
we care

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