Governmental Projects


“Caring is the essence of nursing”

Jean Watson (American Nursing Theorist)


Governmental Projects

Jagersbosch has entered into a contract with the Dept. of Health of the Western Cape that has to be renewed annually.

According to said contract, Jagersbosch appoints 20 Community Health Workers as well as 2 HIV/AIDS Counsellors.

These employees work in Stilbaai, Melkhoutfontein, Albertinia as well as Gouritsmond.

Participation at Jagersbosch

Governmental Projects

“We rise by lifting others”

Robert Ingersoll

Government Projects

Jagersbosch also provides services to the Department of Health on a 3 year contractual basis in Stilbaai, Albertinia, Melkhoutfontein and Gouritsmond.

These services include the screening of the residents in these regions for HIV, TB as well as other health issues.

A registered Nursing Sister manages these projects in conjunction with various team leaders. Altogether 22 persons are employed on a contractual basis perform this work.

Basic services – Hiring out Medical Equipment – Medical Emergency service

Daycare for people with Disabilities – Melkhoutfontein

 Trained caregivers provide services under the supervision of trained, qualified nursing sisters.

Healthcare Service -
Because we Care


“A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple”


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