Diens, want ons gee om

“As jy jou ore sluit vir die hulpgeroep van ‘n arm mens, sal jý ook nie antwoord kry as jý roep nie.” – Koning Salomo – Spreuke 21:13″


The continuing existence of the Jagersbosch Community Care Centre is of the utmost importance. Its future existence is under threat, however, because of the reduction in government subsidies and inflation. Home-based care of the elderly has become the preferred option because of the scarcity and high cost of care facilities. As a registered non-profit organisation Jagersbosch’s future depends on the ongoing support of the community, businesses and organisations.

We are engaged in a number of activities in an effort to raise extra funds to sustain our extremely important services, one of which is the Urheim Charity Shop. This shop sells second-hand clothing and household items donated to us for sale in the shop and is manned by volunteers willing to sacrifice their time and energy for our critical cause.

The Charity Shop is housed in one of the former holiday houses called Urheim by the original owners. The house is on the Jagersbosch premises in Stilbaai close to the historic Homestead and next to the Friedensheim Healthcare facility. This beautifully renovated house is now operating as a Charity Shop, one of various fund-raising projects of Jagersbosch.

This shop is an important source of revenue for us. We appeal to everyone to donate any items to us that could be sold to generate those direly needed funds.

We welcome any used items that are in good, clean and usable condition such as household items, kitchenware, furniture as well as good clothing. Anything useful and resalable. Clothing not in a condition to be sold, we will donate to people who are genuinely unable to pay, but could still get some wear out of it.

We also welcome donations of more expensive items such as antique furniture or valuable pieces of art. These we advertise on platforms such as Facebook or sell by auction to ensure a proper and suitable price.

diens, want
ons gee om

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