Service because we care

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members” – Mahatma Gandhi


To receive the benefits of the services that Jagersbosch offers, older persons have to join as members.

However, Jagersbosch has implemented new membership tariff structures to make services more affordable, specifically for members with an income of less than R3500 per month.

Services at Jagerbosch


Being a non-profit organisation, Jagersbosch needs ongoing support from you, our residents, business community as well as organisations. The Stilbaai-Jongensfontein-Melkhoutfontein area simply cannot lose the services that Jagersbosch so compassionately offers. We have too many elderly and disadvantaged people in our community to turn a blind eye.

Given the current declining economic situation in our beloved country, we realise the challenge of proper funding. Our conclusion is that one of the more sustainable ways of generating funds is to increase the number of members considerably.

Jagersbosch’s future existence is under threat if we do not receive enough support. Therefore we respectfully petition that you seriously consider becoming a member.

Membership Options

Join as a member and ensure peace of mind through ‘Service because we care’.

You might want to sponsor the membership of someone in desperate need while you are still healthy and financially able to get along on your own.

Businesses and organisations are sincerely invited to join Jagersbosch on behalf of their staff and managers. The Jagersbosch caregivers could for instance visit the business on a specific day to perform various tests such as blood pressure, sugar, urine and cholesterol.

Membership fees depend on the monthly income of a member and are divided into four categories:

  • Category A- with a monthly income under R3 000 pays R100 per year
  • Category A with a monthly income between R3 001 – R5 000 pays R175 per year
  • Category B with a monthly income between R5 001 – R8 000 pays R295 per year
  • Category C with a monthly income between R8 001+ pays R450 per year

Services included in membership fees:

  • 1 Free emergency visit per month
  • 1 Free blood pressure and blood sugar measurement per month
  • Subsidised meals
  • Access to all services provided
  • 24/7 Emergency assistance number

Service because
we care

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