Service because we care

“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members” – Mahatma Gandhi



To receive the benefits of the services that Jagersbosch offers, older persons have to join as members.

However, Jagersbosch has implemented new membership tariff structures to make services more affordable, specifically for members with an income of less than R3500 per month.

Services at Jagerbosch


Jagersbosch is engaged with various fundraising functions during the year. Some of which are standing annual events, while others are random opportunities.

The success of these events, of course, is based on careful planning and proper marketing. Also the arrangement of the venue, selling of tickets, preparation of the food, cleaning up afterwards, etc.

The Jagersbosch staff simply cannot accomplish this alone.


Volunteers - Jagersbosch

Service because
we care

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