Service because we care

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community”

Anthony J. D’Angelo (American Author)

The Services Jagersbosch provides

Jagersbosch Services revolve around those basic elements that all persons in a community need to live a decent life. To acquire these basic needs the vulnerable or disadvantaged members of the community need the help of the strong or privileged.

The services justifying the existence of Jagersbosch are:

Food Service – Healthcare Service – Community Care – Urheim Shop – Melkhoutfontein – Governmental Projects

Food Service

Annually we provide more than 26 500 delicious, balanced and subsidised lunches to older, as well as disabled people. These meals can either be enjoyed at Die Waenhuis, be picked up, or be delivered (at a fee, of course).

Healthcare Services

We offer healthcare services in the form of home-based care, emergency services, renting out medical equipment, Soeterus and Stillerus care for the elderly as well as daycare for disabled adults in Melkhoutfontein.

Community Care

We offer a community-based social support and development service creating opportunities for the optimal functioning of older people’s social, mental as well as emotional well-being also involving their families.

Urheim Shop

We receive second-hand clothing as well as household items in good condition as donations which we sell at the shop at very reasonable prices. Jagersbosch, of course, completely relies upon volunteers to run the Urheim Shop.


Melkhoutfontein area has many older persons as well as disadvantaged residents. Membership offers the same services, namely food, healthcare and community care, as well as a daycare and care group for disabled adults.

Governmental Projects

On contractual basis, Jagersbosch provides services to the Dept. of Health such as screening for HIV, TB and other health issues. A registered Nursing Sister manages these projects in conjunction with various team leaders.

Service because
we care

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