Service because we care

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it”

Art Williams (American Insurance Executive)


Jagersbosch welcomes any volunteers from the community to assist with fundraising activities as well as certain services. Our staff depends heavily upon the creativity, physical strength, skills, as well as experience, knowledge, ideas and hard work of such persons.

Jagersbosch is engaged with various fundraising functions during the year. Some of which are standing annual events, while others are random opportunities.

The success of these events, of course, is based on careful planning and proper marketing. Also the arrangement of the venue, selling of tickets, preparation of the food, cleaning up afterwards, etc.

The Jagersbosch staff simply cannot accomplish this alone.

We need the support of everyone in the community:

Planners and Executors
Strong ones and Creative ones
Marketers and Salespeople
Disk Jockeys and Decorators
Hosts and Hostesses
Bakers and Cooks
Cleaners and Waste Collectors
Everything In-Between


Everyone who is willing to sacrifice time and energy for a noble cause.


Service because
we care

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